Anchor Bar Outfitting

Anchor Bar Outfitting has an exceptional hunting location that covers 1000 square miles of beautiful wilderness with the many valleys and mountains to explore.  They provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences to explore everything Western Canada has to offer.

Rediscovering a Well-established Brand

When Anchor Bar Outfitting approached Parmedia, they were already an outfitting company known for their ambition, professional resourcefulness, and forward-thinking approach to introduce their brand to new clientele. The trouble was, many other outfitters in Alberta had picked up on their style, and Anchor Bar Outfitting was no longer the exception in the outdoor industry. A refresh was needed to elevate Anchor Bar Outfitting back to the top to establish themselves as digital trailblazers with a style and voice that matched the clout they still had in the outdoor business, thanks to their unrivalled skills on and off the mountain ranges.

The guides and wranglers at Anchor Bar Outfitting discovered the most promise for reinvention was in the mountain ranges they operated out of. Combining this with the outfitter’s best-in-class knowledge and experience, Parmedia was able to map out the ideal method to tell the story of Anchor Bar Outfitting. We took a unique design approach to position the outfitter as a leading figure in the outdoor industry. We were thrilled at the prospect of creating the most eye-catching and cutting-edge outfitting website design that we had ever created.


User Experience

Web Development


User Design

Creative Direction

Creative Design

When a client’s creative ambition matches ours, and that creativity is fueled by a shared passion for wilderness, we know we’ve discovered the right fit.

Our creative team was given the opportunity to gather inspirational and breathtaking imagery that shows off the beautiful environment nature has to offer. Keeping nature at the centre of their design, we helped Anchor Bar outfitting convey their desire to provide the ultimate outdoor experience.

The website’s design, as well as the main page’s downward flow, included earthy browns paired with landscape photos to show off how vast the area they operate is. This demonstrated Anchor Bar Outfitting’s ability to create incredible outdoor adventures.


Our final solution allows Anchor Bar Outfitting’s brand to grow and deliver lasting impressions among new clientele. A fully designed WordPress theme with custom layouts and post types will serve as the templates for future content and guide profiles while delivering a uniform and straightforward user experience with enough creative freedom to highlight and code future pages.