Top 10 Best Outfitting Website Designs [In 2022]

Designing the ideal outfitting website is similar to constructing the perfect trap. You’re trying to figure out where your prospect will be looking and what path they’ll follow. Your trap should be attractive, and help guide them, but not so overpowering that it scares away new visitors.

It’s the same deal with website design. Your website should pack just enough visual flair to hold a visitors attention while helping them easily achieve their goals, whether it’s booking a trip, reading the gear list, or simply reaching out to you. This will help them on their journey to deciding why they should choose you over the outfitter around the corner for their next trip.

Need An Outfitting Website Designed?

Nobody wants to lose to the other outfitter on the mountain, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Outfitting Website Designs that look modern and impressive , but more importantly, book you more clients.

1. Kawdy Outfitters

What we like: Kawdy Outfitters uses simple photography and a sliding element on their home page to convey the immense beauty of the valleys they explore. Keeping it simple is sometimes the most successful design strategy, and this nicely demonstrates that.

In terms of content, Kawdy Outfitters went above and beyond to include a blog on their website, something not many outfitters have yet to attempt. This has enabled them to communicate their annual adventures and generate insightful content for future clients to read.

2. Anchor Bar Outfitting

What we like: Shirus moose hunting at its finest. Anchor Bar Outfitting is famous for their ability to consistently find record book Shirus moose. Not to mention the 180 inch mule deer they encounter from time to time.

We particularly like the way their website flows from top to bottom, providing the user with an immersive visual experience unlike any other outfitting website on the market today. They use footage of two bull moose fighting to emphasize why they are the finest in the industry at what they do.

3. Bart Lancaster

What we like: If you are looking for a guide that’s top of his field in the hunting industry. Look no further. Bart Lancaster is one of the biggest names the hunting industry has to offer. He frequently guides high profile hunts. You can find him atop mountain ranges spotting for sheep or running with his dogs.

The use of photography demonstrates perfectly what it is Bart does best. An impressive gallery showcasing various succesful hunting trips. Bart utilizes a blog to keep all his followers up to date.

4. Ameri-Cana

What we like: Ameri-Cana has been around a long time. They are a trusted booking agency for anyone looking to find their next dream destination. They use a magazine style website layout to showcase the different tours they offer.

5. Marsh Land Outfitters

What we like: Based in Saskatchewan Canada. MarshLand Outfitters focuses on black bear, waterfowl, and moose hunting. On their website, they employ a dark background with well-spaced information to give users a clear picture of what they have to offer.

6. Turtle River Outfitters

What we like: Look no farther for an unforgettable Saskatchewan white tail adventure. Turtle River Outfitters’ hero features a clear call to action that directs visitors to the exact place where they can contact them. They utilize 3d imagery sparingly across different website pages to set their website apart visually from the crowd.

7. Maddhatter Guides And Outfitting

What we like: Maddhatter guides and outfitting use a clean layout that delivers the information upfront that visitors are looking for. They did a great job showcasing previously successful tours that demonstrate to new visitors why they should choose them right away. They added call to actions in the header of their website which is a nice touch on desktop.

8. Smoothstone Lodge

What we like: Looking for a destination spot with great hunting and fishing opportunity just outside the cabin door? Smoothstone Lodge has you covered. They use a great photo for their hero that showcases the lodge in its entirety. Their website layout is straightforward and easy to use for any prospective visitors looking to get in touch with them.

9. Prostaff Outdoors

What we like: Professional services mixed with incredible whitetail Saskachewan whitetails is a comnbination for a successful trip. We appreciate how they blended photographs into the textual sections. A design that is both visually pleasing and practical.

10. Widrig Outfitters

What we like: Widrig Outfitting provides a wide range of big game hunting opportunities. They are successful due to the owners’ years of hard work and experience in studying the ranges and what creates a terrific outdoor experience. We especially like the attention to detail they have in there about sections that tell new visitors who they. It builds trust and gives visitors the feeling they are in the right hands.

Why Every Outfitter Needs A Website

From this list, we’ve looked at a variety of design styles, ranging from dark textures to earthy tones, minimalistic design to media overload. However, one thing all of these sites have in common is a foundation in UX ideas. Each is intended to let you make a reservation or contact the company’s owner.

So, take cues from the ones you prefer, then mix them to create something genuinely unique. Given your mountain range experience, we assume you’re no stranger to finding exactly what you’re searching for.

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